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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Thu Sep 20 2007 - 15:07:45 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

1. Sep 27 - Please come to Syracuse
2. Your Phone Calls - Clinton Response
3. Released 2nd time by Fed Magistrate - NonViolent Action
4. Your FEEDBACK - ouch!

1. Sep 27 - Please come to Syracuse
Background: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton

I got out of jail Monday (for more details see #3 below) and it's
great to be a FREE man!  I do plan on going back next Thursday, Sep 27
(app 11 AM). As before with just a picture of my son and other parents
and the message "Sen. Clinton Help Us".  I have one local TV reporter
that is "very interested" in the event and will probably be there.
She did several 'in jail' interviews last year with me and produced
good coverage.  Two print news stories have run in the last week.

I'm really hoping to get some other people to that Fed Plaza next
Thursday to watch and offer moral support; and hopefully at least one
Mom & Dad willing to use chalk and write "I LOVE YOU" to their kids
and "SEN CLINTON HELP US" -- and accept the consequences.  I think we
could get some great additional media coverage in this area.  I will
also try to contact Clinton's local office again, we have a draft
agenda for a meeting with her and I think it is pretty 'safe' -- check
it out: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton/agenda.htm

I don't want 'us' to be distracted by the legal arguments on free
speech, etc -- We are not there to prove that.  We are there to show
our willingness to quietly stand up for what we believe in and to call
public attention to Sen. Clinton and get her to meet publicly with
parents (not asking for that much).  We are not trying to 'demonize'
her at all; just show her how much parents care about this issue AND
get TV/print reporters to go to her local office and ask "Why won't
you meet with these mothers and fathers?  It sounds like they love
their children very much and they feel their basic Right to be parents
was violated."

I'll be in my office most days, toll free, 877-635-1968,x-211 -- if
you can help or can be there, feel free to email or call.

In addition, please contact Senator Clinton (review the info below):

Make a polite call to her Washington and especially her Syracuse
Office (ask for/leave a message for Mr. Jay Biba).  You can also fax a
letter to both.

Syracuse Local Rep, Jay Biba  tel: 315-448-0470,  fax: 315-448-0476
Lona Valmoro (Senior Advisor) tel: 202-224-4451   fax: 202-228-0121 

2. Your Phone Calls - Clinton Response
A few people have spoken with Mr. Jay Biba, Sen Clinton's Syracuse rep
(below).  It is beginning to make an impact. He is new to the job here
and may not know what has already happened in the past.  I have
personally called him twice and left messages and also sent a FAX, no
response yet.  Some responses to what we have heard them say so far:

1) "We've had no request for a meeting" -- Repeated letters have been
mailed, FAX'd, and FedEx'd to the Senator.  Some have been delivered
in person.  We have had NO reply and NO return phone calls.

2) "The Senator doesn't come for personal meetings to Syracuse" - We
are not looking for a one-to-one meeting.  We'd like her to hear first
hand from a small group of parents,
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton/agenda.htm .  She is often in the
Central New York area to meet with other business/advocacy groups.

3) "This is not a Federal issue" -- This is about getting the Civil
Rights of parents and children to be together, recognized &
protected. It should not matter what State you live in.

4) "Priority, schedule conflicts" -- Is there anything more important
and foundational to our Nation than the family?

--- Karen Blumer <growinwild@AOL.com>

> I called and spoke with Jay. Hillary sees this as a federal case,
> she has little, or nothing, to do with State court issues (I'm just
> the messenger). She "supports family court doing rulings on a case
> by case basis." Also, she hasn't give an audience to John in
> Syracuse because of scheduling. According to her Syracuse office, he
> hasn't asked for a meeting in Washington. (It sounds like a bunch of
> crap to me. You guys have more experience, I presume).

--- paige3274@bellsouth.net

> Being that I just got your post and it is almost 4:30pm my time... I
> will contact the Senators office first thing tomorrow morning.  tell
> John to HANG IN THERE...  At least he knows that we know what he is
> up against.

> I'd like to keep sending correspondence to "Mrs." Clinton's office
> and will continue to do so on your behalf.  If ya like.  Maybe we
> can go with this at a different level.  However, seems like you are
> starting to make a STATEMENT visible to Clinton's offices.  Keep up
> the good work!!

--- Lou Langholtz <ldl@mwutah.com>

> I called the 202 number and left a message. Apparently they don't
> work before 9am EST while so many of us don't hardly ever stop
> working. Frankly I wasn't sure what to say anyway so I just plead
> for John to get a little bit of the Senator's time for a just cause
> - our children - and requested they called Mr. Murtari's toll free
> number listed below.

--- Gordon <adoptaowl@aol.com>

> Hillary very much wants to be president.? Would negative publicity
> on this hurt her?

--- Tim Randles <trandles@shaw.ca>

> Do you think for a single second that she gives a rats ass about
> disgruntled men who happen to be fathers of the children she thinks
> should be owned by the state?  And don't forget that she is a man
> abuser, and gave Bill Clinton a beating after his admission of
> infidelity with Lewinsky. Violence is never justified, as you are so
> aptly displaying.

I guess I am counting on the fact that she wants to be President and
is a good politician. I'm also counting on the fact that Civil Rights
movements of the past have enjoyed broad based support (once the Civil
Right was 'realized' by the public).  To the extent that she (and
other politicians) feel safe to ignore us may be more a comment on our
'movement' than it is of them?

--- Thomas <tramey2003@yahoo.com>

> I would LOVE to get involved as my son was taken (Illegally by the
> legal system) but now he is with me again. I have no intention in
> reading the Bible to the devil and Hillary is not my target but
> rather reform. Please give us a tool to work with that is worth our
> time PLEASE! So far you are the man but seems Hillary's attention is
> your main goal. Ya might as well try talking the devil into doing
> something blessed. Thomas Ramey in Arkansas wrote this 870-918-3212
> Your the "MAN" just change focus to all senators and politicians and
> not just one female president wanna be.

I'm glad to hear your son is with you again, that is very good news.
For now I think I will keep the focus on Sen. Clinton and we'll see
what happens.

--- Thomas <mrchefman176@yahoo.com>

> Hi there. We applaud you efforts in trying to get the best you can
> for your children and yourself. I did want to write and let you know
> that I too have contacted Senator Clinton about the issues involving
> my son and got a response that there were more important things
> right now and because I don't live in NY that I need to contact my
> states senator. I somewhat understand what she was saying however I
> live in North Carolina and I am fighting for my son in Indiana where
> he lives. 

> The problem is that it is not a problem at a state level it's
> nationwide. I have contacted about 9 senators and will keep doing so
> until someone stands up and takes notice. Please let me know if
> there is ANYTHING I can do to help the cause. My son will be 10 in
> December and I never got to lay eyes on him until he was 6 and now I
> get 63 days a year parental time with him. That is not a healthy
> father/ son relationship and that is what we both need. I barely
> know him. Please keep in touch. GOOD LUCK

I can understand your concerns and the indignity of not be an equal
parent to your own son.  The answer you got is the 'standard', but you
are quite right -- it is a nation issue, one of civil rights.

We do need people ready to visit Federal Legislators, please check the
info/examples at http://www.AKidsRight.Org/legislative.htm and let me
know if you have questions.

--- Frank Votra <sashtool@yahoo.com>

> In my opinion John is now playing with fire as he is a well known
> entity in and around the Federal Building and I suspect authorities
> are going to make an example of him one way or the other as he is
> not going to flaunt their authority no matter how non-aggressive his
> action may appear. Indeed I feel that John may very well just
> barking up the wrong tree anyhow in trying to obtain recognition
> from Mrs.(It Takes a Village) Clinton for the parental rights of
> single parents, particularly fathers. It is time for a new strategy.

> I can certainly agree with you that it is nice to be free.  Been in
> jail and done that as recently as this past February and indeed it
> colors ones perspective of the courts and Father's rights.  From my
> perspective the courts will break the law to further enable Federal
> programs.  A case in point is the preponderance of false domestic
> violence injunctions issued against men which are no more than
> scalps collected by the courts to run women's programs. It is
> turmoil breading more turmoil. As all activists or semi-activists in
> the Father's movement my ox has been gored but I find there is no
> legal measure one can take to correct a deliberate legal error or
> false allegations. The court doesn't want to hear it. Indeed the way
> the situation is now I don't see family courts even willing to
> follow the law.  There job is to be a collection agency that is
> enforced by the local sheriffs department.  The mantra of the public
> by in large pertaining to fathers is simply "make'em pay."

> While I understand the necessity of taking care of ones children the
> power of the court in inflecting their debilitating financial
> guidelines on individuals has created a societal upheaval that has
> emasculated this country and destroyed the family as a functioning
> unit.  Glad to hear your out, but be assured that they want you
> back.  Big brother is watching.  

3. Released 2nd time by Fed Magistrate - NonViolent Action

US Magistrate DiBianco is a compassionate man even though I directly
violated his stay-away order.  When I was brought to Federal Court on
Monday (in a orange jump-suit and manacled with hand-cuffs and
leg-irons) I did not expect to be released.  The US Attorney made a
strong argument that since I had refused to sign a "Conditional
Release" (promising not to re-offend pending my trial), I should be
held until trial - now scheduled for October 3rd.

I spoke to the Court about the Civil Rights nature of my efforts and
tried to draw an analogy to a Mississippi Court Room in the 50s, and a
Judge/Prosecutor facing a Black Man that had violated the law and sat
"in the front of the bus."  When there is grave injustice in a
society, there is friction and conflict.  I understood his order
deserved 'respect', but that had to yield to the peaceful Civil Right

Magistrate DiBianco looked at me and said, "Mr. Murtari, you hold the
key to your freedom today. I will again give you a chance to sign the
Conditional release form.  The Court will adjourn for 5 minutes so
you can read the form.  When I return, if you do not sign, you will be
returned to jail..."

It was depressing to think about.  I didn't want to go back and could
not sign such a promise.  When the Judge returned I apologized, but
again refused to promise that I would not re-offend.  

Everyone in the Courtroom was surprised when he said, after a long
pause, "Okay....I will let you go, but I will again confirm my order."

I do believe he appreciates my motivation and is attempting to pull
his punches -- although he pretty much guaranteed that if I go back,
he will hold me and give a SPEEDY trial on not only the chalk, but
multiple contempt charges.  The chalk is a max of 30 days, the
contempt's carry a max of 6 months -- I will have two of each when I
return next week. If it's not too expensive I will try to get the

We are 'blessed' with a powerful cause.  We want to be reunited with
the children we love, that mean the world to us.  When we 'project'
that in our words and actions, other people do take notice and
respond. http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil_back.htm

4. Your FEEDBACK - ouch!

--- Charles Horton <tafari4ii@sbcglobal.net>

> When is John going to learn that the fight is not in jail, but in
> the courts and government elected officials.  Sorry to hear this
> news. How can one help our cause in jail ? How does one dismiss or
> reverse a court order. By going to court or going to jail ?

I think I have a solid answer, please read the material on Gandhi and
King at http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil_back.htm, and then let me know
if the purpose is not clear.

--- <flysolo102@aol.com>

> Ok... this is simply stupid... Day after day this guy sits outside a
> Federal building and uses sidewalk chalk and write "I love you Dom"
> to his son ....who lives in another state....and also writes "help
> us Hillary" .....yes as in Clinton.

> Now If you were Hillary, would you meet with this nut?

> Lets focus on that.....a stay away order.....Im not a lawyer but
> from what I hear a stay away order usually means ....YOU STAY AWAY.
> I doubt I've confused anyone here.... So why is this guy too stupid
> to get it?

--- Dan Wilson <PfcpacDanWilson@aol.com>

> Your movement has been about you, not changing the system. That's
> why its failing. You run from commitment, I will always hold the
> example, you set when to stab us in the back here in Michigan. The
> systems is about money and you let that very thing cloud your
> judgment. When you say a thing you must commit to it! Your protest
> started out as a great thing, but now has become an example of self
> interest.
> We on the other hand our moving forward, we have 4 protest in the
> next three weeks. Its time for the professionals to take over, and
> ditch the self interest.

Glad to hear you are having some success.  Send in any news/picture
links and they can be posted on our list.

--- "B. A. Townley" <Townley@cox.net>

> Does it strike anyone else as strange that you can have a court
> order restricting access to a public place?  I can see an order to
> prevent you from going to a home, an office or such but a public
> place? Can that possibly be legal? Not that it matters to some.

Yes, it is a little strange -- but probably what's even
stranger is that the system can control your access to your children
without every having to prove you are a bad parent?

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